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Need some help deciding on the perfect name for your perfect home?

House Names

Names are incredibly important for branding. They give first impressions and lasting memories.

Lori Howarth has over twenty years experience in names. She is the published author of many baby name books and author or 10,000 House Names & their Meanings as well as her latest book House & Farm Names.

What you will receive

Lori will hand pick 4 names that may suit your needs. These names are done by accessing the following questionaire to gain a feel for what would suit your home. The cost of this is $25 AU and this includes:

* 4 names

* Origin & meaning of the names

* Variations of each of the 4 names. Eg, Rose Cottage, Rosecott, Rosacotte, Rosa Cottage.

Please include:

* Photo/photos

* Any known history (brief)

* Is your home famous for anything or has someone famous lived there?

* What type of home is it? Eg: cottage, farm, mansion, ranch, cabin, beach house, bungalow etc.

* Is it modern, victorian, edwardian, Italian, Greek, etc.

* What is it made out of? Eg, weatherboard, brick, stone, concrete, wood etc.

* What is the home used for? Eg, farm, artist studio, home residence, farm stay, Air B&B, holiday home etc.

* Has you home previously been a business? Eg, an old school, convent, church, bakery, post office etc.

Please feel free to add anthing else you feel may assist to find the perfect name for your perfect home.


Payment can be made through the shop section found in the menu at the top of the page. I look forward to hearning from you.




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